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About Us

Medical Foods Rx and its brand XERO PICKS®, along with its Patent Pending Technology & trade secret know-how produces a range of novel high margin consumer oral care products. The Company formulates, manufactures, markets and sells branded oral care product lines which are a novel re-invention of the humbletoothpick utilizing a process and designs fabricated from sustainably harvested White Birchwood Made in the USA.

The Company through its processes can precisely load up to 50+ milligrams of any function specific ingredients into each individual toothpick. The function specific active ingredients and custom flavoring are gradually released and efficiently absorbed via the oral mucosa over a 25-minute average period of use.

Toothpick are manufactured under applicable FDA regulations as a Food Article and are subsequently infused with both clinically proven active ingredients and custom flavor profiles guaranteed to last longer than the pick itself!

The Company’s branded toothpicks are available in medical grade polypropylene tubes, mylar bags and individually wrapped in paper. All of our packaging options have a 2+ year shelf life and packaged in a variety of bulk options.

The Company’s product lines are the most effective sublingual delivery platform for function specific active ingredients. The Company has created distinct function specific branded oral care product lines to date: XERO PICKS ® and its product lines including DRY MOUTH, WELLNESS, ENERGY, TEA TREE, CBD/HEMP and an innovative NICOTINE step down. The Company will continually innovate and expand its portfolio of branded function specific formulationsusing proprietary combinations of vitamins, supplements, botanicals, extracts and or active drug ingredients.

 We have spent much time perfecting an enjoyable, discreet infused toothpick made with only the best quality ingredients. Our best practices-driven infusion process and comprehensive testing program guarantees delivery of the same quality and accurate levels of ingredients every time.


Customer Service Phone Number: (800) 205-9853
Customer Service Email: info@xeropicks.com
Customer Service Mailing Address:
PO Box 14886
Scottsdale, AZ 85267